IOC - International Olympic Committee

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), created in 1894, is a non-governmental organisation with volunteer members who represent its work around the world, and an administrative staff based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The vision of the IOC is to contribute to building a better world through sport. In addition to ensuring the regular celebration of the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, the IOC also oversees a wide range of programmes and projects that aim to educate youth through sport, promote Olympism in society and to lead and support the Olympic Movement.

Chantal Buchser

Chantal Buchser works in the Sports Department at the IOC supporting the IOC Athletes’ Commission. As a part of the Commission, Chantal focuses her work on the IOC Athlete Career Programme supporting elite athletes to achieve success during and after their sporting careers. The IOC and IOC Athlete Career Programme are working with WISE to present the wide variety of opportunities within sport to competing and retired athletes.